Friends and neighbors

Yesterday I received an email from a good friend of mine. She is the friend with whom we usually stay on the way to Anderson, IN or Ohio. They moved to Montana last year, and used our house as a stopping off point when they were going back and forth to visit. Once they moved, I wasn’t sure if I would ever see them again. Well, they are headed back to Illinois to attend their son’s graduation and wondered if they could ‘descend upon us’ this weekend. I’m so excited! I told her to please descend. 🙂

They are planning to be here Saturday evening. But I know that traveling with six children and the amount of potty breaks that entails, it could very well be Sunday before they arrive. 🙂 I’m thinking about putting Joel and the two oldest boys in the youth room at the church. After we bought our ‘new to us’ couch, we sent our old one over to the youth room to hang out with all the other youth couches. It has a hid-a-bed. The youth room isn’t used on Sunday morning, so it should work.

Last night, we had our old neighbors over for a cook-out. They used to rent the house next door to us, but had to move out due to the deterioration of the house. They are in the area doing research on pheasants. Different groups of field researchers come in throughout the year, and they have a permanent supervisor who stays there throughout all of the groups coming in. Last year, they invited us over for a cook-out, and Tim taught some of the researchers how to throw knives – one of the girls from that group was really interested in learning, so Tim offered to teach her. This year, we set up tables in our driveway, fired up the grill and cooked deer steaks and deer and buffalo burgers. They enjoy wild game. 🙂  Then, Tim taught this group how to throw knives. We had so much fun with them.  Hopefully, we can do this more often than once a year.

Blessings: My daughter. When did she grow up into such a beautiful gracious young woman? She was met with an interesting situation with a woman whom was mildly mentally unstable. She handled her with love and grace – the love of Christ flowed out of her. I was blessed watching her, and the woman was blessed to be at the receiving end of her grace and loving attitude.

Scripture: Genesis 5:1-20


5 thoughts on “Friends and neighbors

  1. Annie, I believe she gets that from you. You are gracious and Godly. I have always said you have the two most well adjusted happy children I have ever seen. I too am blessed by that. I credit it to being brought up in a Christian home where there is love and laughter and Christianity lived out, not just taught!

  2. You know the saying,”chip off the old block”? Your two children are just that of you and Tim and your upbringing. I too am proud of your children and who they are becoming. God has blest you and all of this with these kids. Love you all so much. Aunt Cindy

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