Have you ever had one of ‘those’ days

when you don’t know whether to laugh, cry, or do both?

Today has been one of those days.

Last night I noticed that Mr. Mouse had been exploring underneath the kitchen sink. Now, if the cabinet under your kitchen sink is anything like mine, the back half  is a storage cabinet for things seldom used, and the front is for cleaning supplies. I see the front half often, the back half – not so much.

One would think that with three cats we wouldn’t have issues with mice. However, obviously my cats are too spoiled and well-fed. So, this morning I started cleaning out underneath the sink. There was contact paper on most of the floor of the cabinet. When I got to where the plumbing comes in, I noticed black stuff around the wood, so I decided to pull the contact paper.

052513055255 052513055213

More mold.  Sigh… Obviously, we have a leak somewhere.

So, I was already frustrated with the cats for not taking care of the mouse and having to clean up their, um, ‘evidence’. Then, I was frustrated with the mold. Some of it was still wet and yucky, but I knew I needed to clean it out because of the mouse stuff, and cleaning it would spread the mold spores. I ended up throwing away the sponge, dishcloth, and clothes I was wearing. 😦  . While I was cleaning up the mouse stuff and mold, Butterscotch decided to throw up in the entry.  Argh! Well, at least he got sick on the linoleum. He also got sick in the bathroom. 😦

All of this happened before 6:00 a.m.

After taking an Excedrine Migraine, I decided to go out and get some fresh air and work off my frustration.  I ended up cleaning out the fence line by hand all the way around the yard. I figured I should use my frustration for something constructive. 😉

I still need to empty and clean out two more cabinets to see if  Mr. Mouse has visited them as well. I also want to see if the mold has spread because the mold is deep into the wood even on the sides of the cabinet. After I finish lunch I will do that… because I have nothing else to do since our friends are coming for a visit. (Yes, that humor. I really am trying to laugh. 😀 )

Blessings: Believe it or not… Mr. Mouse.  If he hadn’t explored under the sink, I would have never found the mold. Now I can let the contractor know there is something else that needs to be replaced.  To show my gratitude to Mr. Mouse. I think I will buy him some mouse poison food.

Scripture: Finished Genesis 5.



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