This is going to be fun!

I’m so excited because my husband is on board with the elimination diet. My children… not so much, but they will adjust – and I’ve promised them they won’t die. 😉  I was shocked that my daughter’s biggest hesitation was not chocolate, but rather yogurt.  I would like to take this opportunity to see if the kids have any food allergies or intolerance, since this is genetic and runs in the family.

I am excited about this and really do think in the long run (after the first 5 days of withdraw from foods we’re used to eating) this will be fun and really good for all of us. I made a grocery list this morning, rearranged the cabinets to hide stuff we aren’t supposed to eat for a few weeks, took all the beef and wheat products out of the freezer, and stocked it with venison. I still need to hide the sugar – but we aren’t starting this until tomorrow, so I will remove it this evening. I’m about out of hiding places. 😀


In other news…

We had a hail storm the other day. It wasn’t too bad here, but the way the radar looked, I think the next town over was hit pretty hard.


I did lose two of the kohlrabi, and the two tomato plants that I had put in the day before weren’t looking all that healthy. I’ll see how they are fairing this morning.  I may need to replace them.  I am planning on purchasing two cattle panels today so I can put in the beans.  I’m hoping hubby has a pair of bolt cutters or something that I can cut them into 4 ft. lengths before I leave the farm supply store.

And finally for today, The remains of my friend, Jacque Waller, have been found. It’s almost 2 years to the date that she went missing. Thankful that the family can finally have some closure to this. Please pray for them as this will be a difficult time.

Blessings: Nebraska. I’m so thankful to be living in a state that does not (typically) have much humidity – at least not in our area.  I was reminded last night what my fibro used to feel like. So thankful that I rarely have the extreme pain I used to, and that I have been able to live fairly normal since we have moved here.  I do think I will retire to the desert. 😉

Scripture: Genesis 7:6-8:12




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