Bits and Pieces…

I have decided:

1. I really need to proof-read my posts before I hit ‘publish’.  I was going over some of them this morning and found way too many typos.

2. Nothing we eat is actually good for us.  Just kidding. 😉  I’ve been researching different types of food, and if one were to believe everything they read they would think that every food God created has bad side effects.  But then, the way we’ve genetically modified some of them it shouldn’t come as a big surprise. I woke up this morning with an itchy tongue and teeth and a numb/puffy feeling around my mouth, which is a sure sign that I ate something that I shouldn’t have. This reaction usually happens with sweeteners. The verdict? Agave Nectar. Rats! Now I’m stuck with only stevia as a sweetener until I find an inexpensive way to get brown rice syrup. No one around here carries it. I can order it from Wal-Mart for about $78 dollars a case, but they won’t carry it on their shelves. 😦  Trust me, I’ve asked.  I still haven’t received a response from their corporate office on why they won’t allow the McCook Wal-Mart to carry it.  Hmmmmm, maybe I should open my own health food store.

3. My daughter is probably the most organized, self-motivated, non-distracted person in our family. She gets it from both of her grandmothers, and I bless them for it.  I can be organized, but I get severely distracted.  I need to learn how to focus. (Yes, Mama, I do realize what I just said. My son does come by it quite honestly.) I think that is why I do my best cleaning and organizing at 3:30 in the morning when everyone else is asleep – no one to distract me. 🙂  Unfortunately, no one else in the family appreciates my noise that early of the morning.

Why do I mention my daughter’s robust, self-motivated, organizational skills? She’s packing. She’s been after me for over a month to buy her some storage tubs so she can pack her room up before she leaves for Missouri. Instead, I suggested that she get some boxes from the Christian book store where she works. She did. We picked them up on Friday. By Saturday evening, much of her room was packed. I have no doubt that by Wednesday, it will be completed. Then she will start nagging explaining to her brother that he needs to get the same thing done. And she’s right. Actually, he should have started a long time ago (because he’s so much like his mother.).

The reason they are packing up their entire rooms is that we don’t know what will be going on with our house. The estimates came in for repairing and eliminating the black mold.  There has been various ‘unofficial’ discussion of what should be done. Some want to fix the parsonage, some want to sell it/demolish it and move us to another location (I do NOT want this, but I’ll explain why later), and others want to demolish and put a double-wide on the property (I’m good with this option or fixing the existing parsonage – however the choice is not mine to make.). We are having a Board meeting today to hopefully figure something out. At any rate, their things will have to be moved.  I am hoping that whatever happens will happen while they are gone for the summer, or that a temporary location will be found. If we are still in this house with black mold still present when it is time for them to come back home, they will just stay in Missouri and live with my mother-in-law until something is done. I will not have them come back to an unhealthy house.

I do not want to move from our current property for several reasons. First, we are the only full-time pastors in town, and when people have needs, they know where to find us because we are beside the church.  We want to be available for people in the community, not just our congregation. Second, when people do come to the house for needs or counsel, we are able to say, “Let’s walk over to the church where we can talk uninterrupted.”  Because, seriously, my kids don’t need to know everything that goes on in everyone’s lives. They hear a lot, and fortunately know the importance of confidentiality, but I don’t like to put them in that position. The next two reasons are a bit selfish on my part. It is very convenient to live next to the church. If we forget something, it is easy to just run over and grab it. If someone needs into the church and we aren’t home, we just tell them to go to the house, pet the dog and get the keys out of the basket.  And finally the most selfish reason, I have worked hard to get the soil in my garden up to the state it is. I have labored, pulled weeds, amended, fertilized, etc., and quite frankly, I don’t want to start over.  But I will if I have to. 🙂

And speaking of gardens…

If the wind isn’t of gale proportions today, I will put up the cattle panels and plant my beans. The last two days have been extremely windy and pointless to do anything in the garden.  I will take pictures once I get them up. 🙂



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