Anderson – Global Gathering

We arrived safely in Anderson, IN on Thursday evening. We have three ‘kids’ with us this year. We brought one of our youth along. We were talking about our church’s national convention with her a few months ago, and she said she would love to do something like that…. so we invited  her to join us. 🙂 This year is the Global Gathering with delegates from the Church of God around the world.

After securing our camping spot, Tim and the kids went to work on putting up the tent and getting everything organized while I went to Meijer to pick up a few things we forgot.  Like batteries, bug spray, an extension cord, and the like.

I arrived back at the campsite, and Tim met me at the truck door to let me know that I ‘might’ just know our neighbors. He told me who, and I ran over. Not all of you will recognize the names, but my parents and sister will. We are beside Tim and Jay. Their three kids and 10 dozen (okay slight exaggeration, but not much) grandkids are all with them. Tim B. then told Shan and Amanda how I used to babysit his girls when I was still pretty much still a little girl – age 13-14.  I would get the girls to bed, and then curl up on their water-bed and go to sleep. Tim B. would have to carry me out to the car, drive me home, and then sometimes have to carry me into our house because I couldn’t wake up.  I let him know that I remembered that – and I haven’t changed much. 😀

Our friends from S. Dakota arrived with their camper the next evening – we are all on the same spot. The girls are sleeping in the camper with our friends, and Tim, Joel, and I are out in the tent.

This afternoon, we had a wonderful service. Bishop Timothy Clarke from First COG in Columbus, OH spoke. Afterward, we had an ‘American style’ picnic on the grounds. It was complete with thunderstorms and torrential rain. Fortunately, we all had a huge tent to stand under. I decided to go back to the camper after the grounds in and around the big tent started flooding. Our little tent also took on some water, but hey, that’s camping, right?

I had a bunch of pictures that I was going to share, but for some reason WordPress will not let me upload them. And I had one or two I especially wanted to show my dear sister. 😉 Oh, well, maybe tomorrow it will cooperate.

For Aunt Tanya

Oh, here we go!  Aunt Tanya, they ate this in your honor. 😀 muahahahaha

The fam at Braums


4 thoughts on “Anderson – Global Gathering

  1. Annie, You have such adventures. Glad you got to see old friends and enjoy some good services. Love you,Aunt Cindy

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