What I’ve learned so far.

I honestly believe that every day in life should be a learning experience. We should continually be expanding our knowledge, growing and learning from our daily experiences, and seeking to discover the wonders God has given us.

Now I would love to share with you the spiritual and philosophical knowledge and truths that I am learning, but I am still digesting them. 🙂

However, I will share with you some practical things that I have discovered so far on this trip. 😉

1. It has to be some kind of Murphy’s Law that it WILL rain if you decide to camp in a tent. On multiple occasions. In addition, the tent will leak and require you to use many of the towels you brought for showers to soak up the rain water.

2. Vodka can be used as deodorant. Who knew? Not sure I can use it as I’m allergic to alcohol, but it might be worth a shot.

3.  My husband always wins at mini-golf. (Wait, I think I already knew that. But yesterday was confirmation of that fact.)

4. The whole city of Anderson is a WI-FI hot spot. Very convenient!

5. Humidity is not my friend.

6. I would really like to have a camper. I’ve always enjoyed ‘tenting it’, however getting up in the morning from the ground level isn’t as easy or pain-free as it used to be – mostly due to the fact that humidity is not my friend. I’m not sure the discomfort is worth the entertainment value that I may be providing for my family. 😛  I would say that I am getting too old for it, but there are several couples who are twice my age tent camping.  I honor their hardiness. 🙂 And then there’s the whole bug factor…  I don’t mind bugs, but I don’t really want to sleep with them.

7.  While cooking on a camp stove is much easier and convenient, I really think I prefer cooking over an open fire. Unfortunately, open fires are not allowed here.

8. I’ve learned why there are now so many people who are intolerant to gluten. It’s a bit of an explanation that I will save for later, but I may be looking into sprouted grains to see if I can handle them.

9. I prefer long flowy dresses or skirts over jeans. They are lighter weight and much cooler.

10. My husband is ornery (in a fun-loving way)! Wait, I already knew that, but everyday is confirmation of that fact. 🙂




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