Nope, not the kind we get in our teeth, although I think I do have one, but a cavity in the ground.

I called it a sink hole, however a local here called it a cavity.

Whatever it is, I fell in.

It’s in my garden between my peas and potatoes.


It is about 3 ft. in diameter and 8 ft. deep. Fortunately, the direction I fell in isn’t the deepest part and I was able to climb out on my own. It does go under our fence and into the yard next door.

I asked a gentleman in our church if this was typical around here. He said yes, and that it was probably where a tree and its roots had been at one time. I was wondering if it was where an outhouse had been. He smiled, chuckled and said, “You never know.” 🙂  Hmmmmmm….

We decided to cover it for the time being with a huge tub so the cats wouldn’t fall in.


Although I think it would make a nice hidey-hole for them.

Now my over-protective hubby isn’t so sure he wants me working in the garden.  😀  I doubt that he could keep me away unless he issued an edict. As I have yet to see one, I’m headed out there in a few minutes. I have a boat-load of peas to harvest. I may cave in the rest of the area so the kids next door don’t accidentally fall in if they run over the spot the cavity is located. I will probably lose some of my potatoes, but I did plant plenty.

So, I must be off to the garden now. 🙂


Scripture: Genesis 9:4-17

Blessings: I didn’t break anything in the fall.  We made it home safely. And as far as we know, all is well here.


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