On filling cavities, and a bit of a clarification

Yesterday morning a man in our community dropped by the house.  He had heard about the hole in our garden the night before and investigated. Yesterday morning he came by to fill the hole.  He works at our local cemetery, so he has access to loads of dirt.


I leveled and tamped down the dirt while the guys shoveled. And I didn’t lose any potatoes. 🙂


I really appreciate their hard work. Now I can walk in the garden with a bit more confidence. However, I’m told because we filled it with dirt instead of sand it may cave in again.

And now for a bit of clarification…

I was teasing yesterday when I said that my hubby would have to issue an edict to keep me out of the garden. If he had told me to stay out, I would have.  I may not have been happy with the decision, (I do have a bit of an independent/self-sufficient streak that I’m sure none of you have ever witnessed. 😛 ) but I would have honored it. And I honor him as the head of our home. Rarely does Tim ever tell me I can’t do something or that I have to do something. When he does, it is due to his concern for my safety and wellbeing. He’s not a controlling person.

Unless it comes to driving. Then he does like to be in control. 🙂


2 thoughts on “On filling cavities, and a bit of a clarification

  1. I have known you all your life and I have seen your independent-self sufficient side. It is a good trait to possess. I know you would honor your hubby’s wishes. Like you said it would only be for your safety or well-being. You two make a good team.

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