I promise to continue on with ‘Conversations’ tomorrow. I’m still writing my next blog post, but haven’t been able to complete it as my time is not always my own. Actually, very rarely is my time my own. 😉  And it doesn’t help when I am in the middle of writing at 5:00 a.m. and Windows decides to shut down my computer for updates… 😦

I have started giving piano lessons.  One of the ladies who works at our local nursing home heard Shan and I playing and asked if I would give her lessons, so I agreed.  It’s actually been quite fun.

Right now one of the guys who sings on our praise team and I are putting together music for our county fair’s Gospel Music night. We have been practicing quite a bit. We had hoped to have representation from most of the churches in our area – and we did – however we had the wrong date for the fair. Since it is a week earlier, most of the other singers are unable to attend. 😦   Well, at least we had fun practicing together.  So, we are moving in a slightly different direction as we don’t wish for this to become the ‘Kyle and Andi Show’.  I think it will work out well, just pray that we are able to get enough practice in.

And speaking of my time not being my own… the end of this month and beginning of next month will be quite busy.

The Gospel Music Night is Sunday, July 21st.  Early the next morning, we will be leaving with a group of about 5 kids to go to camp in Wyoming. Tim is doing clowning, magic, and puppetry,  and I am helping with worship. We will get home on Saturday night, and Sunday morning Tim will leave to pick up the kids.  On Tuesday, we are having a community blood drive at our church, which I somehow agreed to be in charge of.  Tim and the kids should get home on Wednesday, and Thursday morning we leave to go to Kearney for our state camp meeting/convention. The kids, Kyle, and I are doing the worship for that as well.

So, Mom R., I beg you to make sure my children wash all of their clothes before they come home so they don’t have to unpack (and I won’t have gazillions of loads of laundry to get done in a 4 hour time frame).  😀


After church the following Sunday, I am declaring a household nap, which should last for 36 hours. 😉  Yeah, right…..



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