I have lost a little weight since we have all been eating healthier, so some of my clothes are a bit looser.

Several days ago I put on one of my nicer polo style shirts and realized it was a bit too big and I looked frumpy.

Yay for it being big! Not so yay for looking frumpy.  So, I changed into a shirt that had been a bit too tight. Concerned that it might still be so, I asked hubby if he thought it was too tight.

His response: “No, in fact you look hot!” ( Yay again! 🙂 )

This sincere and wonderful compliment from my husband put me on a mission.

I decided all ‘frump-wear’ must go.  Anything too large must go.  Anything that looked like a ferocious dog may have attacked it must go.

Two mornings ago, I went through every piece of clothing I own. Well, I didn’t try on socks… 😉

The clothing that wasn’t in nice enough shape to wear, I threw away. (I’m not going to donate anything that is stained or that I wouldn’t wear out in public.)

The nice clothing that was too big…


I now have a 45 gallon trash bag full to be given away.

I then completely organized my closet.  It was very freeing!

After organizing, I realized I have a ‘thing’ for black skirts and dresses. In fact, I have 4 black dresses and 5 black skirts. Now, some of those dresses are quite dressy.  I will have a couple to wear on the cruise.  I also have a thing for skirts in general.  I have more of them than almost everything else in my closet combined.

Not everything I left in my closet fits.  There are a some items that are still a bit too tight. I left them there as incentive to continue eating healthy. 😉  And there is one piece, a white ruffle jacket – which I love, that I will see if I can have taken in.

Now I just need to find a tailor.

And I need to stop buying skirts at the thrift shop. 😉




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