Options for migraines

I have been in search of migraine relief since I’ve started the elimination diet. I’m not going back to caffeine… I have too many bad reactions.

I have found a few things that work to some extent, and have been researching others. Some, people have recommended, and one I found at the checkout of a store.

So, here are some migraine relief options I have found:

1. Migrastick – This is an essential oils mixture of peppermint and lavender. It comes in a metal tube with a roller-ball. It is rubbed into the temple area, back of the neck, and wrists.  It does cut the pain down considerably.  Unless, of course, you put it on while you are sweating, the oils run into your eye, and you can’t open your eye or see for about an hour…  😦  Yeah, that wasn’t pleasant, but at least I learned something. 😉

2. Peanut butter –  When a migraine is coming on, eat a spoonful.  A woman in town gave me this tip. She said she used to keep a jar in her desk drawer at work, and it would take the migraines away.  It doesn’t take mine away, but it does cut the pain a little bit. Of course, maybe it needs to be taken right when the headache is coming on instead of after it becomes a full-blown migraine.

3.  Hot water and an ice-pack – If you put an ice-pack on your head, and your feet in a pan of water as hot as you can take, it is supposed to take the migraine away.  Guess what my tootsies are sitting in right now. 😉  I received this tip from a massage therapist. She says it doesn’t always work, but when it does it’s heavenly.  I’m still waiting for heavenly….  but I have noticed improvement.

4. Fever Few – this is an herbal remedy that I will be trying next month. Fever few is used to prevent migraines, however is ineffective on active migraines. So, it needs to be taken on a daily basis for prevention.

5. Butterbur – This is another herb that is used as prevention of migraines. However it does contain toxic alkaloids, so a high quality supplement of this herb should be used, as the toxins have been removed. Lower quality supplements do not remove them, and they can cause damage to the liver and lungs.  Both butterbur and fever few stimulate the appetite – don’t think I need help in that area. 😉 – and can cause weight gain.  😦

If all else fails, I take two Tylenol PM and sleep it off.  I would probably do so today, but I have previous commitments from which I am unable to excuse myself.  That, and I’m out of Tylenol PM. 😛

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!






2 thoughts on “Options for migraines

  1. My cousin and aunt have gotten my hooked on using essential oils. My favorites are lavender for sleep and rest, peppermint for upset tummy, headache/migraines,strain muscles. This link is suggested uses of essential oils for migraines. Which ones and where to place them. The ones in red lettering are the ones they strongly recommend to use first.
    This link is where to buy them,
    http://www.mydoterra.com/stephanierkuhns/ ( my cousin )
    ( if you select “join” in the right hand corner and become a dealer, you can get fantastic discounts per bottle of oil. I personally need to do this so I can get 8 dollars off a bottle of lavender oil that we use on Jax EVERY night)

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