One of ‘Those’ Days

We’ve all had them.

Days that you spill or drop everything.

Days that some of the things that come out of your mouth weren’t quite what you meant to say.

Days that everything seems to go wrong.

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for the entertainment of others?), I had one of ‘those’ days this past Sunday.

It was an unusual Sunday as Tim was gone and I was preaching. Our piano player and the kids were gone, so we used CD’s to lead worship.

It isn’t my favorite way to lead worship as timing is everything, and if you mess up, it can’t be covered up. Usually our lead singer is the one who changes words, timing, and adds things. And it’s all good because we just go with it and follow him with the music. No one is ever the wiser (unless it’s the word changing – then everyone notices, but it’s okay).

Not this past Sunday. I messed up on every song. Even though we had practiced them perfectly beforehand. Ugh! Fortunately, we were all able to laugh it off and go on.

I had also forgotten it was Communion Sunday.  Not a problem. However I had also forgotten Tim’s tip when leading communion: ‘Only take a very small piece of the communion bread.’  Why? Because communion bread grows exponentially in your mouth when you are trying to lead, and you can’t chew it up, and you still need to go on to the juice, but still have this wad of dry dough in your mouth that won’t go away. And then you have to go on to explain and pray for the ‘cup’ with your mouth full.  All I could think when I was praying is, “I’m using such horrible manners!”

I had a couple of the guys move the pulpit down to the floor level as I wasn’t really preaching so much as we were studying the passage of scripture together. We were in John 3: 22-30. Due to vacations, we had a smaller attendance, and I wanted to have the feeling of an intimate / informal setting. Before I started the study, I mentioned that I was working on a sermon series about modesty, purity, sex, and marriage. I explained that I wasn’t starting this particular Sunday because I needed 3-4 weeks to cover it, and that I was still working on them.

The sermons…. not the subject matter.

Unfortunately, I didn’t clarify that.

A member of our ‘peanut gallery’ came up to me afterward and asked, “What did you say was the sermon series you are working on?”

“Modesty, purity, sex, and marriage.” I replied.

“And which one of those are you still struggling with?” He asked as he was almost doubled over in laughter. I was confused until he repeated verbatim what I had told the congregation.  (Please insert a huge eye-roll smilie and sigh here!) I’m thankful I don’t take myself too seriously. 😉

To top off the day, when we served communion after the message, I had scooted the pulpit back against the stairs of the platform so the servers could get by. What I didn’t realize was that I scooted it over my microphone cord. So, as we went to sing the closing song, I was stuck. I went to pull it out from under the leg of the pulpit, tipped the pulpit, and spilled my glass of water all over my Bible.

Everyone had a good laugh. 🙂

And then I went home, ate something, and had a long nap. 🙂

Yep, it was definitely one of ‘those’ days. 😀


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