I have made a few discoveries this past week.

Some good, some not so good.

1. UTI’s are a pain. Literally. I had never had one before, but somehow acquired one this past Thursday.  Not fun. Even less fun when you are away from home. We were at our church’s state convention leading worship, and I have to admit I had a difficult time not leaving the service every 10 minutes to go to the bathroom. It wouldn’t have helped anyway…

2. The “Affordable” Healthcare Act is destroying healthcare. Wait, that’s not a new discovery. However it slapped me in the face this past week. I decided that since there was blood involved with this UTI, I should probably see a doctor and get an antibiotic. I went to a walk-in clinic in the town we were visiting. Since I don’t have health insurance (again, thanks to ‘affordable’ health care act, my insurance premiums went up 40% and I had no choice but to drop it.) I was told I would have to pay for the full visit upfront. I figured that. What I didn’t figure was the cost.  I was expecting $60-$80.  Nope. $145 plus lab work.  Not happening.  I don’t care how much blood was involved, I’m not paying $145 plus for a doctor to spend 5 minutes with me and write out a prescription.  It’s just not feasible. I left in tears of frustration. Not so much for me, but what if it had been one of my kids that needed medical care?

3. Memory foam mattress topper.  They are wonderful!  While we were at convention, we stayed in a motor home. The bed had a 3 inch memory foam mattress topper.  It cradled my body and supported it in all the right places.  I think if we put one on our bed, I could actually sleep in bed again instead of the recliner.  Which would be awesome. 😉


There were more discoveries, but right now my daughter is clamoring for the computer, and my bladder is clamoring for the little room. Again. 😛




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