Gardens and ‘stuff’

I didn’t spend as much time out weeding as I had planned. After giving the piano lesson, it was very hot and humid outside – and y’all know how well I do with humidity. 😛   😉

I did make a few more discoveries… with my plants.

First of all, my tomatillos aren’t tomatillos. Not sure what they are, but there are no husks on these babies…


I’m a little disappointed as I had envisioned myself making huge batches of salsa verde. However, I also love surprises, so it will be interesting to see what kind of tomatoes these turn out to be.  I do need to warn those to whom I gave ‘tomatillo’ plants. I will also call the seed company and let them know.

My bush variety buttercup squash are quite a bit bigger than their description…


They are only supposed to be 3-4 pounds.  I’m thinking they are at least twice that, if not more. No complaints here, though. 🙂  I did fertilize the mounds of dirt very well before I planted. I’m not sure if that is what has cause the largeness of the fruit or not.

Here you can see my pumpkins taking over the world  garden.



I always forget that this will happen.

The long beans that I planted are coming along nicely, and they taste wonderful stir-fried in olive oil with garlic and onion (guess what we are having for lunch today?)


Most of my tomato plants have tomatoes on them, however they aren’t quite to the ripening stage yet…


Which is fine. I’m not ready for them yet. 😀


I realized the other day that I have forgotten to post ‘blessings’ lately.  Tisk, tisk….

I will do that now.

Blessings:  My kids. Yes, I know you all are probably tired of hearing my slightly biased opinion of how wonderful they are. 😉  However, I am blessed, first to have them back – I missed them sooooo much – and also that I have the time and freedom to be able to spend large amounts of quality time with them, and enjoy their personalities and company.

Now I must be off. One of the cats left a ‘gift’ of a bird on our front step. Unfortunately the bird is still kicking.  I’m never sure what to do in this situation.  I know the gift means a lot to the cat, so I don’t want to slight that, however I don’t like the bird to still be in pain. I know, it’s nature’s way, but still…


2 thoughts on “Gardens and ‘stuff’

  1. In your elimination diet your cousin in Ohio wants to know if you figured out what foods you are allergic to. Glad Tim enjoys the healthy eating. It kind of grows on you after a bit. You start automatically thinking of all the additives and stuff in food. It is scary. Jarrod wants to know if you want him to come out and take care of your mold problem for you ?lol Have a good day. Love you sooooo much. Aunt Cindy

    1. Does Jarrod know how to demolish buildings? LOL! I am still figuring out stuff on the elimination diet. I’ll have a fuller picture in a few more weeks.

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