I’m moving slowly

or getting distracted.  Or maybe both. 🙂

I came over to the parsonage this afternoon to clean, but I haven’t done much. Inside.

I got distracted by the garden.

Big shock, I know. 😉

I cleared the tree that was growing around the propane tank. That was a job, but it looks so much better.

I decided that I should probably dig a few of my potatoes. Especially the ones that are close to the sink hole (which is coming back, by the way).


I planted both red potatoes and Yukon Gold. I’m frying some up for supper tonight along with onions and green beans. Yum!

Right now the potatoes are drying on my kitchen table.


I still have many more to dig up, but that will need to wait for another time.

I’m still waiting for my purple-podded pole beans to grow some beans.  I have plenty of blossoms, but no beans…


However, I’m still getting plenty of long beans.


The only thing I’ve done in the house is wash bedding and hang it out to dry. I feel like I’ve not accomplished much. Oh, well, there’s always tomorrow, right? :/  I had planned to have everything we needed moved by this past weekend and be able to do a good cleaning today.  However, I don’t have everything we need moved yet.  Mostly it’s clothes I haven’t moved yet – and some kitchen utensils.

I just don’t seem to have the energy I need to get it all done.  Maybe I’m just getting old…  😀


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