Life at the lodge.

It’s not a ‘lodge’ like what one would picture a ‘lodge’ being.

It’s really a house.


And it’s out in the country.  We are surrounded by fields on three sides and a train track on the back side up the hill.


I love to sit in the dining room early of the morning and watch the trains go through.

Here is the view from the front door.


I have to admit that I enjoy the peace and quiet.

And the wild life.

Yesterday morning two families of wild turkeys were walking through the yard. It was cute to watch the mammas and their babies.

The kids have enjoyed being out here.

One of the reasons is that they get to shoot.



I don’t think they’ve had the opportunity to do so since we’ve moved to Nebraska.

In fact, they were so involved, not even fresh, homemade, cinnamon-swirl bread could entice them to come inside. 🙂

Sister, the loaves turned out fine. I did let the flour soak for a short time – thanks for the tip. 🙂 I think the reason it didn’t feel “right” was because I used all whole wheat dough instead of part all-purpose and part whole wheat. But the loaves were nice a soft, and now they are almost gone. 😉

Max has settled in quite well.


However, for some reason, she thinks that every time she goes out to do her business, she should get a treat when she comes inside.

Hmmmmm, wonder how that happened???  😀

She’s having to learn that isn’t the case here. Well, at least not with me. Tim has the urge to give her treats for no reason at all.


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