On Thursday, the kids and I will be leaving for Worthing, SD to attend LifeLight. We went last year as well. We won’t be back home until Monday evening.

For those of you who don’t know about LifeLight, it is a three-day, outdoor, free, Christian concert that takes place in an alfalfa field. Some of the line up for this year:  Newsboys, Audio Adrenaline, Flyleaf, Rhett Walker Band, City Harmonic, For King and Country, Building 429, and Fireflight.

The kids are really looking forward to this, as am I. 🙂

The difference this year is the friends we usually stay with have sold their house. So will going to be tent camping on site – dry. No water, no electric. 😀  There are shower houses on site, thankfully. 😉

We are also taking the car, so we will need to fit the tent, cooler, any camping gear we need, plus our clothing and toiletries in my small car. And we will need to pray that the brakes hold out. No Daddy, I still haven’t gotten them replaced. But since the truck takes twice as much gas, and the front brakes need replaced on it as well, I decided my car was the best option. Besides, I’d much rather the brakes go out in my car and wreck it than Tim’s baby truck.  

Fortunately, (contrary to my hubby’s popular belief) I do know how to pack light and tight – when I absolutely have to. 😉  I just don’t like to do so. 😀


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