We’re home!

Wow! What a weekend!

I will share some pictures of LifeLight later on this week.  They are still in the camera waiting to be downloaded. 🙂

We had a great time, as you can see by this picture:


There were some humorous and not-so humorous moments during the trip.

We arrived around 9:45 in the evening.  It took us until 11:30 – with the help of our tenting neighbors – to get the tent up.  Some of the poles were cracked, so it still looked a little catawampus, but it worked. 🙂

Sometime after midnight, I decided to use the bathroom.  The only restrooms available are port-a-pots.  I decided I would use the one closest to the light pole since I had forgotten my flashlight. However, as I went toward that specific port-a-pot, a forklift zoomed in front of me and took that port-a-pot away, not even bothering to see if anyone was in there.  Had I been a minute earlier, I would have been relocated. 😦  I don’t think that would have been a fun ride. 😀   Needless to say, I picked one in the middle of the group and went as fast as I could. 😛  – it was all a pretty humorous evening.

Friday morning, we went into Sioux Falls to get groceries, find a place to get the brakes fixed, and pick up my kids’ friends.  Now, for those of you who were not happy about me traveling with bad breaks, I had decided to get them done in Sioux Falls. I would have gotten them done before we left, but Tim didn’t get paid until Friday, and I had to wait until then.

I decided to get the brakes done first. I found a brake shop, went in and told them my front brake pads were about gone. They quoted me $99 to fix it, which is what I had budgeted, and the kids and I went next door to the mall while he inspected the brakes.

About 40 minutes later I received a call from Eric, the brake tech.  My front brakes were fine.  However my back brakes were totally shot. Apparently, the cylinders were leaking all the brake fluid, the automatic adjuster on the right side was broken. The brake shoes were bad, it was metal on metal, and the broken adjuster had ground out a grove on the right side.  The price he quoted me to fix it was over $500.  I told him I didn’t have that much money, and asked if he could just make it to where the brakes would stop us for the trip home. He said he would call back and see what he could do.  He called back a little later and told me there was no short-term fix that would guarantee I would get home safely. He took the brake flush off the estimate, and said he could fix it for $413.  I called Tim and he said to have them do it – we had to get home safely.  I think I sat in Burger King, where we were eating lunch, trying not to bawl my eyes out for 20 minutes. To fix them took every last dollar we have, as I had already sent out the bills. It even took the money I needed to get us home. It means no groceries or going into town for any reason for the next two weeks. Needless to say, I was a bit stressed out.

But then I felt God calming me down.  We have a freezer full of meat, for which I am so thankful, I have previously stocked up on rice and beans, I just put up 11 pounds of corn, I have green beans and cucumbers coming out of my ears in the garden, and my tomatoes and pumpkins are ripening.   We will definitely not go hungry. 🙂   As far as fuel for the vehicles, I’m trusting God to take care of that. We do have to go to and from the lodge to the parsonage every day as our cats are still there, and we have appointments through-out the week at the church.  But God has always supplied for us in the past, and I know he will continue to do so now. 🙂   And thanks to “Joel Roberts Financial Services” (as he calls it 😉  ) we made it home. Safely.

Later on this week I will tell you about our weekend at LifeLight, once I get the pictures uploaded. 🙂


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