Quick update – and praise

Just have a moment to pop in today.

1. Praise! – I knew God would provide.  Yesterday, I started giving piano lessons to a young girl in our community. The father decided to pre-pay several weeks of lessons, so we have fuel for our vehicles to get us back and forth to the lodge.  God is so great!

2. My phone is cranky.  The qwerty keyboard doesn’t work, and it no longer rings, just vibrates.  So, if you are trying to reach me and I don’t answer, it’s not that I don’t want to speak to you, it’s that the phone isn’t in my pocket and I’m not feeling it ring. 🙂

3. My tomatoes are turning red!  Our community can now stop worrying about something being wrong with my tomatoes. 😛  I would take a picture with my phone, but since the keyboard isn’t working, I can’t send them to my email to download and post.

Have a great day!  I’m off to go pick green beans and then go back to the lodge and make some bread… and maybe take a nap? 🙂



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