Rumors, Red Bull, and Snack ideas…


Sometimes they are frustrating, other times they are humorous. There have been plenty of both going around since we moved into the lodge.  The most humorous I heard last week:

Someone came up to me in Wal-Mart last week and asked if we were still living in a tent.  Seriously??? 😀  I laughed and assured him we were not, and had not been living in a tent.  SMH!  😛


Red Bull:

Or energy drinks in general should not be given to children.  I found out that some of the kids in my Wednesday night class are drinking this and eating candy bars before coming to class.  This answers a few questions… 🙂  However, they are ornery and hyper enough on their own. I also don’t think it’s a good idea for adults.  I’ve tried to carry on serious conversations with adults who drink this on a continual basis. It’s near impossible. I’d rather carry on a conversation with someone who is drunk than someone who is jacked-up on Red Bull.


Snack ideas:

I need some healthy snack ideas that are yummy and cannot be used as projectiles. 😀  This is for the aforementioned ornery, hyper children in my Wednesday night class. I found out that some of them are not getting supper on Wednesday nights and are pretty hungry by the time they come to class.  I’m hoping that if I offer food some of them will be less tempted to go for the Red Bulls and candy bars, and they might be a little less disruptive. So, if you have any easy, healthy, snack ideas – preferably something that doesn’t have much sugar – please share them with me. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Rumors, Red Bull, and Snack ideas…

  1. Hummus ( I loooove hummus! So does Dean and Jax ) with veggies and corn chips 🙂 and some exotic sounding juice. I got a jug of strawberry kiwi juice for 99 cents at Aldis and they also had guava mango for the same price.

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