Exciting News!

We are going to have another baptism service the end of this month.

We have at least 11 people being baptized!  Isn’t God amazing?! There are about an equal number of children and adults being baptized.  We will again be holding the baptism at the YMCA in McCook.

And in other news…

I am making chocolate chip cookies for my JAM kids.  I know, I know, it’s full of sugar.  I just didn’t have time to make anything else.  I was planning on going into town and picking up some lunch meat and making sandwiches, but I didn’t have time.  We had a contractor come and look at the house (finally!) and that took some time. I was planning on making cookies anyway because it’s been a while, and one of the ladies in our community hinted that she wanted some more.  Well, she didn’t exactly hint, it was more like, “When are you going to bring me more chocolate chip cookies???”  Me: “Would you like some more?”  Neighbor: “Well, YEAH!”  😀  So, I’m making her some.  Fortunately, I make double batches, so I am sharing with the JAM kids and our youth group tonight.

Even though the cookies are full of sugar, I’m hoping that if the kids’ mouths are full, they will be able to hear better. 😉   Even though they are rotten, I do love these kids to pieces.

I went out to the garden yesterday.  The storm that went through this past weekend did a number on my tomato plants. We had 60 mph wind gusts.  I decided to go ahead and pick most of the tomatoes that were close to ripe and let them ripen on the dining room table.

Here is a picture of my Jersey Devil paste tomatoes – the ones that my ‘concerned’ neighbor thought were deformed.  Well, they do look a little odd.


They are very large for paste tomatoes, and very prolific.  I am very happy with them, and will probably grow them again next year.


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