Sint Maarten

I loved St. Maarten.


I would definitely just go there for a vacation. It was beautiful and so sparkling clean.

St. Maarten is an island that is equally divided and owned by two countries: France and the Netherlands (Dutch).  We were on the Dutch side.

To get to the beach and main shopping area,


we needed to take a water taxi over.



The beach was so beautiful and clean! I loved it.

First, we went shopping.  I wanted to find a souvenir for the kids.  It took me a while to find what I wanted to get them because most of the shops were jewelry.


After a bit of shopping, we went back to the ship to eat a very late lunch.

After lunch, I told my aunt how much I really wanted to go swimming at the beach.  She agreed that she did as well, but wasn’t sure if we had time since the ship was leaving port at 4:30 p.m.

I decided we should risk it. 😉 (I do like living a bit on the wild side 😛  )

So, at 3:15, Aunt Sandy and I left the ship in our bathing suites as everyone else was coming back on the ship.

She asked me, “Annie, are we crazy?”

“Yep, but it is going to be soooo worth it!”

And it was.  That was the best beach I had ever been to.  The water was so clear and sparkling, the perfect temperature, and very relaxing.  We only had time to stay in for about 10 minutes before we decided we had better head back toward the water taxi.  We needn’t have worried. We sat on the taxi while the remaining fellow cruisers were on their way back; most of them drunk. We decided that we had an advantage to getting back to the ship before everyone else… we were sober.

A few nights later, we had our other ‘formal’ evening.


So, of course we had to take more pictures on the big red couch.







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