I awoke early this morning after a horrible nightmare.

I dreamed that part of the roof of the house collapsed while hubby and I were standing there inside watching. Hubby had to go on a hospital visitation, so he told me to assess and report the damage and he left.

While I was going through the damage, I happened to look up and see that the rafters were on fire. I tried to convince my kids the house was on fire and they needed to get a few things and get out, but Shan wouldn’t believe me. She finally saw the fire and got out while I was trying to think clearly of what items I needed to save, but I couldn’t put my thoughts together about what I needed. Finally the fire was too bad and I had to get out.  All I can remember thinking is, “I forgot to call and get renter’s insurance.”  Which was when I woke up and realized we have never called our insurance company and added renters insurance.  Guess what I’m going to be doing today…


On a more humorous note…

On Tuesdays AA meets in the Family Life Center, so we need to leave the building. I decided this would be an excellent opportunity for the kids and I to play/improve upon our instruments. I also decided that I needed to learn the drums.  I have worked on them a bit, but not in a concentrated fashion.  I have to say that my son is an excellent teacher and has a great deal of patience. I think I may have prematurely grayed him a bit by accidentally hitting the drums sticks together on multiple occasions. I also heard him repeatedly telling himself, “I have to remember this is a percussion instrument.” every time I would play them a bit too hard for his liking –  which was most of the time I was playing. I did learn several drum rolls and some rhythms, so the lesson was at least productive. Besides, if he takes after his daddy, he will lose his prematurely acquired gray hair before he’s old enough to have it. 😀


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