It’s raining on the inside

Again? Still?

Yesterday I went through the house collecting mold samples to be tested by a mold testing company.  Before I started with the areas that I had already predetermined to sample, I remembered that there was another place in the front entryway closet that I had noticed a problem.

I pulled one of the ceiling tiles to see if I could get a sample from there as well. I could have, but decided to just stick with the previously determined places.

This morning after her shower, my daughter came over to the Family Life Center and told me that we have a leak in the house. In the closet where I had found the additional problem.  She had put a bucket underneath the leak and wanted me to come investigate.

Actually, there are several leaks.



I ended up pulling down all of the ceiling tiles in that side of the closet.


and now have three buckets in there to catch the water.

Here is the sad thing…

a new roof was just put on about a year and a half ago.

Banging. my. head. against. the. wall.



I went back over to get my shower and found that we also had a leak over the stove, where it would leak before. I think it has been leaking all along, but yesterday I pulled the ceiling tile down over the stove to get a mold sample because we had painted over the tiles several times to cover the mold/water damage. I think the ceiling tiles were keeping the water contained, but now that they are down it is just pouring straight through.


I need to put plastic over that area.

I really don’t think it is a problem with the roofers, It is a design flaw with how the single level and the two-story level of the house are tied together in the roof structure.

The bright side:  at least my children will come away from this learning that if they are going to do something, they need to do it right the first time. 🙂




2 thoughts on “It’s raining on the inside

  1. Oh..sweetie…I’m so sorry. Is there any way that you can just move all the furniture that your not going to have to throw away into storage? With the church paying of course. It IS their fault for all of this.

    Good googlie mooglie! What a headache for you. Hugs sister. I love you so.

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