Handel’s Messiah

Did you know that Handel wrote the entire oratorio of the Messiah in just 24 days?

Amazing, considering the musical masterpiece that it is.

Have you seen the musical score? Wow!

Handel had a brilliant mind!

Do you want to know a secret? Well, it’s not a huge secret in my household, but this type of classical music is my favorite. When I sit and listen to classical music, I feel like I’m listening to a piece of heaven.

Don’t get me wrong, I love all kinds of music. Everything from opera to (Christian) rap. I love music, period.

But there is something about the intricacies of classical the feed my mind and lift my spirit.

So, I will leave you with a piece of Handel’s Messiah so you can listen, close your eyes, and rest in the beauty of the music. 🙂

By the way, the first time I sang in the Messiah, I sang first soprano. This time I am singing tenor, and could probably sing bass – and will if they are short-handed on basses. Shannon got a laugh out of last Sunday’s music. She asked if I was singing lower than our lead singer – who is male. I told her I was, and typically when he harmonizes I sing the lower part. 😛  I wish I could still sing soprano, but the older I get the lower my vocal range becomes.





2 thoughts on “Handel’s Messiah

  1. When I started singing in choirs I was a first soprano and a now I think I’m still a second. Which makes it interesting when I have to lead songs on Sunday morning. Dean gives me a nudge when I’ve gone a wee bit too high for most humans and only dogs can hear. Lol And in my head I’m like “what ?! I didn’t hit the octave high enough don’t tell me to come down!” Lol But with Dean being a tenor he balances me out keeps on an even keel most Sundays. We don’t have a piano player (haven’t had one since 2000??) so we sing accapella and we have one dud that catawallers EVERY SONG we sing. So that means I have to be on key, and louder than him in order to keep the song moving along. . . If you lived around here I would asking for piano lessons! Which come next spring I may ask a friend if she might help me out.

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