So, my computer wasn’t healed, but one of the ladies in Bible study was a sweetheart and let me borrow hers for my meeting. 🙂  I really appreciated that! 

I did talk to a computer repairman. He thinks it is the power supply inside the computer. I will probably take the computer to him later this week or sometime next week. I miss having my computer repair guru friend close by. I miss her for other reasons as well. 😉

Tim is sick. He has some type of stomach virus. He’s been sick since Saturday evening – I didn’t know until Sunday morning. And he’s frustrated with himself that it is taking so long to get over it. As if he can actually determine that… :DHe isn’t the only one in our community who is sick. Unfortunately, several of our JAM (Wednesday night children’s program) teachers are sick, so this week we are just showing video.

The kids are starting to have basketball practice twice a week now. I really wish they could drive without me! Friday we have a minister’s meeting in Kearney – hopefully Tim is better by then. If not I’ll probably go without him. Maybe… 🙂  Sometimes I get tired of being on the go so much. I would love to just have one week with absolutely nowhere to go. 🙂 Of course it would be nice to have an actual home to stay in during that time also. 😀

Well, I am at the library and Shannon is ready to leave, so I will go on with life for now. Have a great day!



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