A little bit of excitement.

Yesterday, after church, Shannon came running over from the house all excited.

“Mama, you’ve got to come and see what happened! The pine tree blew over!”

I wasn’t quite sure what she was talking about because she was talking so fast, but I ran over to see. And sure enough, the pine tree in the side yard had been blown over – roots out of the ground – from the strong winds we had been experiencing.

down tree1


down tree 2


down tree 3



Needless to say, the winds were quite strong! However, the root system didn’t look very large, so that is probably what precipitated its demise.

I think I’ll pick off many of the pine cones to save for Christmas decorations. 🙂  Several people teased us last night about trying to cut down our own Christmas tree.

If it were closer to Christmas, several of the branches would make pretty fresh decorations…


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