November 20th.

We have a storage unit! Yay! And it’s here in our town. Now I need to get busy packing. 😛 (Have I mentioned I don’t like packing?)

I’m glad to get one before too much cold and bad weather comes in.

We are supposed to get some snow tomorrow. According to the weather, we are to get 1-3 inches, which translates to 1-3 flakes of snow. 😀  So, Mom R, you can tell Pat tonight at church that we are supposed to get some. 😉 If we actually get accumulation, I’ll text you a picture so you can show him.

I’m not sure how much more I will be posting this week, as from 10 minutes from now until Saturday morning I will be extremely busy. I ‘should have’ gotten more done yesterday, but I spent 3 1/2 hours up at the nursing home. It was well worth putting off my mundane tasks. 🙂

However, now the mundane tasks are calling my name…

Have a great day!



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