December 9, 2013

Hello all!

I know it’s been a few days since I’ve posted.  Sorry.

I’ve been quite busy since I’ve gotten home, and not having a computer makes it a bit difficult to post everyday.  Hopefully I can get the computer fixed after the first of the year.

Yesterday was the ‘Messiah’ performance. It went quite well, and was well attended even though we did have less than optimal weather. The temperature was -10 when we left the performance last night. Brrrr!

We won’t be in the rental house until the first of the year, which is fine (gives me more time to pack. 😉 ).  We are headed to Missouri for Christmas. We want the kids to have a real ‘home’ in which to spend Christmas, and the Family Life Center is reserved for another family’s Christmas celebration.  That could be a little awkward if we stayed here. 😀 I am looking forward to seeing some of my friends over Christmas.

Mama, I think I have figured out my itchiness.  I do think it is detergent/fabric softener and my deodorant. The new detergent I made has Downy Unstopables in it, which has fragrance. I sifted the Unstopables out, and am using the old detergent that has no fragrance in it. Hopefully that will take care of the itchies. Not sure what to do about the whole deodorant situation. 😛 I’m researching some hypoallergenic, natural stuff. Yeah, I’m sure you all wanted to know that. 😀

Hope you all have a good evening. I’m off to feed my starving family. 🙂


7 thoughts on “December 9, 2013

  1. Yes and it probably didn’t help that I use lavender Downy. Glad you have it figured out. Why don’t you get in touch with Hallelujah Acres and see if they have a product you could use for deodorant? Are you taking your own laundry soap and softener to MO?

    Where should I ship gifts????

    Love and miss you

    1. Thanks, I will try there to find deo. I will probably bring my own laundry stuff to Mae’s. You can ship gifts to Mae’s house. If you don’t have Joel’s gift yet, I got a few ideas from him this morning. 🙂

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