Hello from Missouri

Monday morning we left Nebraska to go to Missouri and spend Christmas with Tim’s mom.

We brought Max with us.


She was very excited to see Grandma… because Grandma gives her many treats. 🙂

(It is at this point when my husband reads my blog and comments on how many more pictures I post of our animals than of our kids. So next time I will try to put many pictures of them as well. 😉 )

We had a wonderful Christmas day together. And we did something quite unusual for us (well, for me anyway). We slept in. The whole day was relaxed and un-rushed, and thoroughly enjoyed!

Right now I am at the public library using one of their computers.

We brought our computer along with us for my friend and computer repair person to fix.  I cannot wait to get it back.  There are important papers stuck in that machine that I need to get sent to others.

If I get the computer back in working condition I will update you more on our Christmas.

I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Christmas!



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