Awesome Daughter

So, the other day when I started feeling ill, I went to the house and my daughter immediately became ‘Mother Hen’. She insisted that I lay down and then covered me up with three blankets (I don’t think we had the 10 I wanted available 😉 ), fixed me a cup of hot tea, and babied me senseless. She cooked lunch and basically took control. 😀  (She enjoys that, btw.)

Today I am still running a fever and feel as though I’ve been beaten up. Frustrating because we are supposed to be moving. We have half of our stuff at the new house and all of the food, washer & dryer, toiletries, and most important – the recliner, still at the parsonage.  I tried to move some things over today, but by the time Shan and I got to the rental house I was exhausted and could do no more. Then she gave me the lecture about resting and taking care of myself when I’m sick.  Yeah, she’ll make a great mom someday.

But this afternoon she is doing something in my stead. Something I wish I could do, but can’t.

One of the gentlemen on our congregation was taken by ambulance to the hospital. Fortunately, there are a few in our congregation with scanners, so we were immediately informed when the call went out for an ambulance. His wife, who is a precious and dear friend, has MS and cannot walk, see very well, or talk very well. I was concerned that she would either be left at home alone (not a good idea), or be at the hospital without help.  So, my daughter went with Tim in my place.  She and my daughter are very close! They love each other to pieces, and as I type they are spending time together in the hospital waiting room… probably plotting orneriness, if I know them. And I do. 🙂

So today I am thankful for my awesome daughter who doesn’t mind jumping in and taking over  helping out when the need arises.


3 thoughts on “Awesome Daughter

  1. You have an exceptional daughter (and son) I love them both dearly. They have good role models (who I love dearly too). Hope you get to feeling better soon. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo Aunt Cindy

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