And the fun begins…

I’m not sure I’ve driven my car once since Joel has gotten his driver’s license. Not that I’ve really been up to it. 😉

Yesterday, he and Shan went into town on their own for basketball practice and to deliver runzas.  They *may* have had a mildly paranoid father, but they are his babies, so I don’t blame him a bit. It was actually quite cute.

It has also come in handy as I have been able to give them a list of items I want them to carry over from the parsonage to the new house, and they can do it without our supervision. I think they are enjoying the freedom. 🙂


Tim brought the cats over to the new house yesterday afternoon. Smurf took to the house like she owned it. Of course, she thinks she owns the world. The other two… well, it was pitiful. Tickles mournfully mewed for about 30 minutes and then slunk into hiding for the rest of the night. Butterscotch sorrowfully howled and huffed for a good 3 hours, and then went exploring. Today they seem in much better spirits.  We won’t let them out for another day or two. They need to understand this is their home.


Mama, to answer your question, I’m feeling a little better. But for the record pneumonia stinks!  I am on antibiotics and have started breathing treatments. The breathing treatments seem to be working the best, and things are starting to break up. I might sound like I’m hacking up a lung, but it’s a move in the right direction. 🙂  Still on the dizzy and weak side, but I’m hoping that will go away soon.  I’ve been told this lasts 4-5 weeks, so it has to be over soon!

Well, I need to go let the kids know what else I need moved, so I’d best go.


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