The Power of Prayer

We left home yesterday morning to come to Kearney for a two-day ministers/leadership meeting. I honestly didn’t feel up to going, and ten minutes down the road I knew it was a mistake.  I should have stayed home and rested like my doctor told me to. (But yeah, who listens to their doctor, right Daddy? 😉 ) However, I didn’t want to miss the fellowship of our fellow state pastors and leaders whom I have come to love and appreciate.

I miserably made it through the first two sessions. After the second, one of the fellow pastors gathered others around and anointed and prayed for me. I went to the youth room and slept through the last session and came out feeling better.  I had energy to carry on an intelligent conversation during dinner.  I was able to play my bass for the evening service and enjoy the message. By the time we got to the hotel, I had energy to spare and even walked across the street to get something to eat.  Everyone else was ready to go to bed, and I could have stayed up a few more hours.   I was able to sleep lying flat and didn’t wake up with a 350 pound weight on my chest. Woot!  I sang and danced my way through the shower and am now ready to go for the day!

I am so thankful for God’s healing touch.  I was becoming so discouraged, and Satan was playing on my discouragement.  He was telling me what a burden I was to my husband and kids, what a failure I was to the church because I was never going to get better.  Hmmm, I guess he forgot what I powerful God I serve. 🙂


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