February 26th

Yesterday I drove a couple in our church to Lincoln so the husband can have surgery.  The wife is disabled and is not able to drive.  I’m sure they are thankful that we took their car instead of mine, as mine still reeks. 😛

His procedure is this morning, and then I will be driving them home Thursday, if everything goes well.

While the husband is in the hospital recovering, his wife and I are spending some quality ‘girl time’.  🙂   The last time this precious woman and I tried to have a ‘ladies day out’, our husbands were in town as well and decided to join us for lunch. While we love our husbands, this definitely wasn’t in the plan, and our long, heart-to-heart girl talk over dinner and coffee went out the window.  We decided the next time we were going to an undisclosed location for the day – no men allowed!

Well, we are not at an undisclosed location, but my husband is 4 hours away, and her husband will be unable to follow.  I don’t want this to sound as though I am unconcerned about the husband’s health. I am, and will definitely make sure that he is doing well and we are not needed before we go.

When I get back home, I will finish organizing the school room/office at the house and will show you all pictures. I’m so excited to actually have a dedicated school/office space.  I am hoping that this fall I will be able to start seminary. I had planned on attending Anderson School of Theology online starting this January, but the timing just didn’t work. I am hoping that by fall everything will be well-organized and fall into place for me to be able to attend. 🙂 This will also give me a little time to become a little more proficient in Greek. Not that I know much….  A little Hebrew wouldn’t hurt either. 😉


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