A Day of Rest

Yesterday was the last day of NDII.

Our high school girls came in third place!


I think our high school boys came in 6th.

We are losing many of our boys for next year. Several are graduating and two are being put into public school. The oldest of the two doesn’t want to go to public school, and honestly it would be the worst thing for him. So, I am offering to homeschool him. Please pray about this with me. He’s a great kid, and has awesome potential. I think public school would ruin that for him.

Today we are resting. We spent last night in Salina, KS, and took today off. We will go to church here this morning, and just goof off the rest of the day before we head home. We desperately need this! When we first came to the church in Trenton, we agreed with them that any month that has 5 Sundays, we would take the 5th Sunday off so we can be spiritually fed and refreshed. We don’t always do that, but this month we are. Well, we aren’t taking the 5th Sunday, but one of the Sundays. 🙂


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