Let the gardening begin…

Not outside, yet.

But we have started seeds inside.

I am excited this year because I have the perfect place to start seeds, and have set up a grow-light system. It is in the furnace room in the basement, which stays nice and warm.  I had considered purchasing a grow light cart/system. But I decided to build my own instead.


I purchased two shop lights and hung them from the floor joists above.


As soon as the seeds germinate, I will turn the lights on them for 12 hours per day. I have one cool bulb and one warm bulb in each of the light fixtures.


The lights will be on a timer, so I don’t forget about them. 🙂

The lights are also on chains with S hooks so I can raise them as the plants grow.

Hubby told me that I probably wasn’t the only one in town with a homemade grow-light system in the basement. 😉 But he’s pretty sure they aren’t growing the same ‘stuff’ we are. 😛

So, what ‘stuff’ do I have growing so far? I assure you my ‘stuff’ is all legal. 😉

I started 3 types of onion seeds:

Ailsa Craig, Bronze D’ Amposta, and Jaune Paille Des Vertus Onion .

I have 14 types of tomatoes:

Reds – Goldman’s Italian-American (slicer or paste), Bonny Best (canning), Pantano Romanesco (slicer/juicer), Jersey Devil (paste), Jersey Giant (paste), Minibel (grape), Gilbertie (paste).

YellowHssiao His Hung Shih (grape)

Purple/Black – Black Krim (slicer), Black from Tula (slicer, also makes wonderful ketchup), Paul Robeson (slicer), Indigo Apple (I think this is a large cherry), Blue berries (small cherry), and Purple Bumble Bee (cherry, striped bronzy-purple and lime green).

I have 2 types of tomatillos:

Purple tomatillo and Grande Verde tomatillo.

I have started 2 types of eggplant:

Ping Tung, which is a long, slender, lavender, sweet eggplant. And Rotonda Bianca Sfumata Eggplant, which is a round, rose-pink colored, mild eggplant.

Later this week I will start some peppers. This year I am growing 2 hot peppers: Pablano and jalepeno, and 4 sweet peppers: King of the North bell, Jimmy Nardello Italian, Lipstick pimiento pepper, and Tequila Sunrise pepper.

I also need to get some herbs and flowers started.

I will keep you all updated as I get things planted and as the seedlings grow.


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