The Green Report:

I thought since my aunt is gardening vicariously through me, I would give a weekly update of my growing green babies. 🙂  I also think it is amazing just how fast plants grow and change.  Isn’t God amazing in His creation?!


These are a few of my tomatoes and tomatillos.  The tomatillos are the back two rows. Almost all of the tomatoes now have good-sized true leaves on them.


Some of the zinnias.

This morning I went down to the ‘green’ room 🙂 , however when I got to the door, I realized that not as much light was coming from underneath the door as usual. One of the shop lights had quit working. I changed out the light bulbs to see if that was the issue – although it shouldn’t have been as they are new bulbs.  Still didn’t work. So, today I need to return it and get a new one. They will have to get by sharing one light for now.


And speaking of God’s amazing creation…


While I was taking the shop light down, someone slipped into the room and got quite comfortable where she’s not supposed to be. She’s such a little stinker!

In other news, the youth made it to Wyoming in one piece. My son was texting me most of their way there yesterday, and Shan shot me a text this morning.



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