Ski Trip Pictures!!!! :)

My family arrived home last night excited, but tired. They all had plenty of stories to tell about the trip, which boiled down to they had loads of fun – Tim included. 🙂

We have a great bunch of kids.


And what does this great bunch of kids do while riding in a van for 6 hours?

I don’t know about the other van load, but there were interesting make-overs going on in the van my kids were in. 😀



As you can tell, these young men are very talented. 😛


I am happy to report that there were no major injuries (in either the skiing or the ‘beauty parlor’)



And there was much more snow this year than in the two previous years, for which the skiers were thankful.

SAM_0198 SAM_0199

In addition to skiing,


and snowboarding…

SAM_0221 SAM_0222

The youth group also went tubing at the camp where they stayed.


And while there is no pictorial evidence (and oh, how I wish there were!)…


My husband’s jeans attest to the fact that he went tubing as well. 🙂 He had fun!

I am so thankful that our kids (not just mine – but all the youth group) have the opportunity to go on a trip like this. They will make memories that will never be forgotten.





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