Running out of gas

Yesterday (Wednesday) Joel and Shan had to work, but were home in time for Joel and I to get to the church to give our music lessons. Joel gives drum lessons and I give fiddle lessons before our Wednesday night children’s program starts. Our neighbor wanted to talk to my son about watching his dogs while he is gone for a while, so I went ahead and walked to the church so I wouldn’t be late for fiddle. I let Joel’s little drummer in and let him know he might be a few minutes…

He was more than a few. Why? He ran my car out of gas.

After our lessons were over, I really gave my son a rough way to go about running out of gas. However, before he took Tim’s truck up to Trails (gas station) to fill the gas can, I kind of chuckled and let him know about another 16-year-old many years ago…

… and how I met my father-in-law. 😀

When I was sixteen, and a junior in high school, I was in a program called ‘Action Learning’, where for the first 2 hours of the day I worked in one of the elementary schools as a ‘student teacher’.  One morning I was on my way back to the high school when my car ran out of gas.  My gas gauge was broken, so I never really knew how much I had in it. I knew my parents weren’t available, so I called Tim’s house in hopes of reaching his mom. At that time, Tim and I were just becoming a little more than friends.  Well, Tim’s mom was at work, but his dad was home. He came and picked me up, took me to school, and then took my car and filled it up. I was so nervous! I hadn’t met him before and I didn’t know if he was going to be mad or think I was an air head or what.  He wasn’t mad. 🙂 I found out later that my gas was being siphoned. By the time I got to the high school, the only place to park was in the alley, so it was an easy mark. Over the next two years he bailed me out of several more empty gas tank situations. He enjoyed giving me a rough way to go about it – that and driving barefoot. 😉

I wish he could have met his grandchildren. I think he would have enjoyed giving them a rough way to go as well.





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