The Weekly Green Report

This week I have realized that I desperately need to get my tomatoes into larger containers. They have really grown fast!


I’m hoping that the roots haven’t grown together too much.


Here is some sweet basil.  I have learned a lesson about seed quality.  I had purchased some of the herb seed from Baker Creek Seed, and also had some seed that I purchased at Wal-Mart from Burpee. I have to be honest and tell you that the Burpee seed isn’t doing very well at all. The germination rate isn’t very impressive and the seedlings that have grown either look anemic or have shriveled and died. 😦  So, I guess I will be making another order from Baker Creek. Very soon. 🙂


The peppers are looking very good as well. I don’t think I’ve ever had seedlings look this good. I’m sure it’s because I have them under grow lights this year.

I should have planted peas, lettuce, radishes, and cabbage by this point, but I haven’t had the chance.  More on that later…


I have convinced 😉 my sweet man to take me out on a date…. and even wear nice clothes. So, he decided that we should go out next Friday night. Yay!  However, a few minutes later I realized that next Friday is Good Friday, and we are showing a video at church. I reminded him, and his response was, “Oh, yeah. I forgot what week that was. Well, I guess I’ll be taking you to a move.”   Um, no. That’s not a date. 😛   So, I don’t know when we will be going out, but at least I did convinced him. 😉


2 thoughts on “The Weekly Green Report

  1. Thanks for the “Green Report” …lookin’ good…so much to do so little time.
    Don’t give up on the date night! 🙂

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