Headed to Iowa

Next Monday morning hubby and I will be headed to Iowa for North Central Regional Minister’s Retreat.

A pastor’s wife and I are going to be leading a conference for pastor’s spouses. To prepare for this conference, I asked a group of pastor’s spouses – most of whom I don’t know personally – What are the top 10 issues you deal with in which you would like encouragement, ideas, or ways to handle difficulties?
There were quite a few, but here are the top 8 that we will be dealing with.

1. Loneliness

2. Protecting marriage & family

3. Discouragement

4. Expectations – those that people in the congregation place, those that our ‘pastor’ spouse may place on us, and those we place on ourselves.

5. Attitudes

6. Dealing with hurt – when people in the church gossip about you, or say and do things to hurt you or your spouse.

7. Burnout

8. Feelings of inadequacy

I am dealing with four of these, and my cohort in pastor’s wifedom is dealing with four.  I will be taking protecting marriage and family (this one is my passion), expectations, burnout, and feelings of inadequacy. Please pray for us. Our conference is Wednesday morning at 10:00.




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