School Pictures

Yesterday the kids and I finally made it out and about to take school pictures.

For some of the pictures we went to my ‘Oasis in the Desert’ called Island Thyme.


This is where I go to get massage therapy. It’s also where I go to sit and drink herbal tea and have ‘friend therapy’. 🙂

I asked my dear friend if she would mind if we took some school pictures at her shop, and she agreed.

There are so many cute pictures that I can’t decide on my favorites.  And I need to take a few more of Joel, so I won’t show the final products just yet.

But I will show a few out-takes.  We have so much fun doing this!

J&S fun2









I think I took just as many ‘out-takes’ as I did serious shots. So far I have 161 photos to sort through.

When I finish with Joel and get all of the pictures organized, I will share the final selections.  Then just let me know which ones you would like in what sizes. 🙂


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