The past week in review. :)

Our pastor’s conference started on Tuesday and ended Thursday.  We needed to get there a day early since I am on the NCR leadership council.

The conference that I co-led on pastor’s spouses was well received. It lasted 2 hours, and we ‘may’ have gone a bit over our allotted time. 😉  Mama, we are putting all of the info together and I will get it to you as soon as we get it together.

That afternoon I went shopping with some very fun and wonderful pastors. All but one was female. My husband is probably the only man I know who will willingly go shopping with 5 other women. Two of the women went for a massage, the other three of us went shoe shopping (No, I didn’t buy any.  I hardly wear the things. 😀 ). Tim went in his own direction.

050114111107 050114111139


While my 16 year-olds didn’t come, my eldest ‘son’ was there.


A few years ago, we did a skit where this gentleman was Tim’s and my son. The title stuck, and I am now forever his ‘mom’. 🙂

A few of the pastors from the region were unable to attend. Two of them were in an accident on the way to the conference and one of them now has a broken collar-bone and a concussion. Prayers for them would be appreciated. They are in their 80’s, so recovery may be a bit slower.

Thursday night we spent the night in Lincoln, NE.

And celebrated my birthday in Lincoln the next day.  We went to two of my favorite places:




If we had these close by, they would be the only places I would grocery shop. More on that later…

We also went to the mall and I had a pedicure. 🙂


We arrived home later than what I had planned, but it was so good to just spend the day goofing off with my husband and enjoying the time without any pressures, stresses, or responsibilities calling.



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