Naming the praise team.

Yesterday, I spoke at the local Methodist churches.  Their pastor had an out-of-state funeral to attend, so I was asked to fill in. The first service was in a town 11 miles away, and then the second service was in our town. They also requested that I do the music as well. Since their piano player was going to be gone, I decided to bring part of our praise team & band. Shan played guitar, Joel played his cajon, our keyboard player joined in, and one of the other singers and I completed the group. I did not play my bass guitar as my left hand is erm, um, sprained… yeah that’s it. It can’t be arthritis – I’m much too young.  😉   As the chairman of the service was introducing us, he gave us a name. He introduced us as “Pastor Andi and her posse.”  I about fell out of my chair. 😀

After that service was over, I needed to drop my keyboard-playing posse member off at our church (I got her there about 5 minutes before service started. I think Tim was getting a bit nervous), and the rest of us went on to the other Methodist church for the second service.  I am so thankful and blessed to work with such talented, flexible, funny, and helpful people.  Oh, and I don’t think of them as my posse.  We’re all a part of God’s posse. 🙂

I’m also thankful that Officer Petty wasn’t patrolling between Culbertson and Trenton Sunday morning, as I had to kind of push it a bit to get our keyboard player back to our church on time.


On another note, our flowers are doing well.


I just love Impatiens!


I wish I would have gotten a picture of these opened up. They have a purple center.


I think my begonias are in need of some water. they are much more beautiful in person than in this picture.

I have many more flowers to plant, but not enough dirt at this point. Hopefully, I will be able to get some soon.


One thought on “Naming the praise team.

  1. I like that, “Andi and her posse”. I like what you said about being God’s posse too. We have to let the “bad guys” know what is in store for them if they don’t change their ways. You all are so flexible and pliant to do God’s will. Have a good week. Love you.

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