Busy, busy, busy…

This week has been a busy one – and will continue to be.

We are preparing for VBS, and I am getting all of the crafts together. Fortunately, I have Shan helping me. We have had to revamp some of the crafts, as I’m not sure if the companies who put out VBS curriculums realize that some churches don’t have the finances to do the crafts they suggest. Although they would be great fun…

We are also having a yard sale on Saturday.  I still need to get my stuff together. I know, I know, nothing like waiting to the last-minute. I do know where my yard-sale stuff is, and it’s mostly in one place.  Today, I hope to get it over here to the house and price it.

I actually did sprain my wrist. At first, when it started hurting, I had forgotten about hurting it when I was gardening, and figured it was arthritis. I re-injured it the other day when a volleyball, aimed at someone else, was headed my direction at a fast rate of speed. I put my hand up to deflect it, and it bent my hand and fingers back way farther than they are supposed to go. I’ve had my hand wrapped for the past two days trying to rest it.  Kind of hard when there is so much to get done. Hopefully it will be all back to normal by the end of this week.

I did get a picture of Shan’s flower opened.


I love the ring of purple in the middle.

I hope everyone has a great day!


2 thoughts on “Busy, busy, busy…

  1. All your weeks are busy. I am praying for your wrist to get better. I have had to revamp crafts before due to small finances. It can be done. It would be nice one day though to be able to do what they suggest. What is your theme this year ? I too like Shan’s flower with the purple ring in it. Well you had better get busy or you won’t get done. Much love, Aunt Cindy

    1. Our VBS is IncrediWorld Adventure Theme Park. It is from Answers in Genesis.
      I am hoping at some point not to have a busy week and hope to get some things done around the house that desperately need done. Maybe I’m dreaming… 🙂

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