Yesterday was hilarious (although I may think differently later)

Yesterday was the Gospel Music Night at our local county fair. We had a group of sisters come in and sing for us. They did an awesome job!  We told them we would feed them supper, and since one of them couldn’t have gluten, I decided to cook for them. I love being able to cook for people who have special dietary needs.

Anyway, I was cooking at the church fellowship hall because our gas stove is not working, and we haven’t had time to determine why. I was pretty much finished, but had to run home to grab some serving utensils and something to transport the hot dishes in.  On the way home, my radio turned on by itself. A block later it switched to CD player, and then back to radio.  I think that’s a Ford thing.  I left my car running since it was 108 degrees outside and I wanted to keep the air running. I ran downstairs to get a box lid to carry the hot food, and my doorbell rang. I ran upstairs to be greeted by my neighbor from across the street. He pointed to my car, which had died, but was billowing smoke from the front. It smelled like there was a fire going.  We popped the hood, and he found the problem. The air compressor for the air conditioner had given up the ghost. Then his friend came over to help inspect. While he was looking, the belt snapped.  They told me if I got the parts, they would fix it for nothing. My neighbor then asked if I was home for the night. When I explained that I had to take food to some performers at the fair, and was their contact person, and Tim was gone, my neighbor handed me the keys to his brand new, red, club cab Chevy Silverado.


Well, he offered my that or his friend’s new convertible. I’m more of a pick-up kind of gal, so I took that. 🙂

For some reason, the image of my car up in smoke strikes me as hilarious, and I just want to laugh. Seriously. 😀  What is even more hilarious is the day before this happened, my husband made the comment that we need to trade my care in while it is still running…. um, too late for that. 😀

Due to my car’s malfunctions, I have discovered several things:

1. I have awesome neighbors, even though I can’t remember their names.

2. I will never buy a Ford again

3. I love Chevy trucks.

4. One must wipe up drool marks before they return the borrowed truck.


Right now I’m not worried about my car. Since the kids are at Grandma’s, we can survive with just one vehicle.  Even though I would love a truck, we will probably get a smaller vehicle with good gas mileage.


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