More learning experiences

This past weekend we were in Worthing, SD at mudfest  LifeLight, which is a three-day outdoor Christian concert with over 70 different Christian artists. We camped on site. We were there from Thursday until Monday.

We arrived Thursday evening. As soon as we got to the camping registration, it started to downpour. It had been raining the few days leading up to our arrival, so the ground was already saturated. After getting stuck and unstuck, we were finally guided to a parking/camp site, where we parked and were instantly stuck in the mud for the duration. By this point, three of us were in extreme desperate need of the port-a-pots. Because we had to spend the first night in the truck (impossible to set up the tent), we couldn’t just jump out into the rain to use the facilities. We waited for two hours for the downpour to stop. During these two hours, I was thinking a catheter or Depends sounded like a good option.

Lesson learned: take every opportunity available (read: rest area) to use the bathroom.

The next morning, Shan and I waded over to the camping area and found a level, high, and dry camping spot and claimed it. We carted our tent and equipment over and started putting it up. Unfortunately, the poles started splitting length-wise, so we couldn’t use that tent. We did find my old tent in the bottom of the tote, so we put that up.


I received this tent as a Christmas gift when I was either 11 or 12 years old. The rain-fly was missing, so Tim put a tarp over it. The only issue is this is a two-person tent. There are four of us. We couldn’t go into town because our truck was stuck, so I called a friend of ours, who is a local COG pastor, and asked if he would run to Wal-Mart and get us a cheap, two-person tent. He did.


Lessons learned: 1. We have awesome friends.   2. They don’t make tents as good as they used to. That being said, this was my old tent’s last rodeo. However, it was 30 years old, so I think it had a good life. 😉

It was a very wet and muddy weekend. It rained everyday, but there were some sunny moments.


After the first night of sloshing around in the mud and water, and losing my shoe three times and having to dig in the mud to find it, I decided that going barefoot was a much smarter idea. I will have to say that this was held in an alfalfa field that had been well fertilized. Mud wasn’t the only thing we were squishing around in.

Lesson learned: Next year I will bring muck boots.

I will leave you with some more of our watery pictures and two more lessons learned.


1.  Always remember to lock the port-a-pot door. The chances of someone of the same gender opening the door on you is slim-to-none.

2.  There is a reason a safety-guard is put on a mandolin slicer. I will use it from now on…


This was during a downpour. I didn’t take the picture – I was sitting underneath a spool/table trying to keep my food dry.




Joel’s shoes. 🙂


When people were ready to leave, travel trailers had to be hitched to farm tractors to get them unstuck.


This is my favorite picture from the weekend. This is right before the storm that hit Sunday night.

I did learn one other thing… I have an awesome family. Okay, I already knew that. 🙂 Many people would have been put-out with the inconvenience of having to sleep in a truck during a rain storm. (There was actually a tornado three miles away.) It was sticky, hot, and uncomfortable. However, my family joked, giggled, and had fun throughout the night. We made good memories instead of making ourselves miserable. I am so blessed!



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