Job possibility

A while back (maybe over a year ago?) I had gone on a job hunt. There were a few possibilities, but I found that Tim really didn’t want me to get a job outside the home. I completely understand and respect that, as I am the primary educator of our kids. I also need to be flexible for various ministry reasons.

However, we do have a few larger expenses coming up, and I thought that maybe I could get a part-time seasonal job since Christmas is just around the corner.

I checked with Tim and asked if he minded if I worked part-time/seasonal at our local Christian bookstore, and he said it would be fine. So I applied, and received a call from my friend who owns it. She is a little hesitant in hiring a friend. If the job doesn’t work out for me, or I don’t work out for her – at the end of the day she still wants us to be friends. I completely understand where she is coming from. However, she is going to have me come in this Friday and Saturday – not on payroll – to see if we suit each other’s needs. If it looks like it will work for both, then I think I will have the job. Please pray that this will work out as God wills.


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