Student I.D. Cards

On occasion my kids will come across a situation where they need some type of student ID card. For instance, they will be going on a youth trip to a hockey game next month, and a student ID will get them a discount. It will also help when we are in town shopping during public school hours (Yes, I let my children meander by themselves during school hours. Gasp!) in case they are ever questioned.

There are also times when it is helpful for me to have a teacher ID card. I am able to receive discounts at quite a few stores. My favorite (and closest) being Christopher and Banks. 🙂

I found an online badge maker and decided to go ahead and make some. Here is what we came up with. (I deleted personal info.)

blog badge s

blog badge j

badge blog a

I decided that Tim needed one as well, however finding an appropriate picture was not easy. The only one I had of him was when he was posing for the “Cool Preacher of the Week” award during IYC.

blog badge

I asked Joel if he had a more serious picture of his father, and he said the only time he ever gets his dad’s picture is when he is goofing off…. which begs the question, “When isn’t he???”  😀

I decided to go the distance and make one for the other members of our homeschool…

blog badge max

blog badge tickles

blog badge scotch


I think that pretty much sums up our class roster. 😉




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