Housing Update

Several weeks ago Shan was getting ready to start on her school work for the day and asked how long I thought we would be in this rental house. I very confidently told her that I thought we would be here for a while and wouldn’t have to add moving into our school schedule.

Two days later…

Our church treasurer let hubby know that our landlord was putting the house on the market.  She wanted to give the church first option. We kind of had the feeling that the church probably would not purchase the home. Originally, there had been another rental house available, but we learned that option had been taken off the table. So, we started figuring out how we could live in a more permanent arrangement in the Family Life Center.  And before some of you start getting all angsty about that idea, know that we were perfectly fine with that.  🙂   And we had it all figured out.

Sunday, the church voted on whether or not to pursue the purchase of the rental house, and it was decided against. Which was fine. This is only a two bedroom house, and there is no way to put an egress in the basement to make a bedroom down there.  The kids are sharing a room, and while it was good for a short time, it’s not really working well any longer.

We did find out on Sunday that the rental that had been taken off the table is now back on. We will see what happens. We were also told, on no uncertain terms by a gentleman in our congregation, that we would NOT be moving back into the Family Life Center. He was pretty angsty about that idea.  😀   Actually, he was pretty angsty when he found out that we were living there before.

Regardless of where we end up, it looks like we will be packing up again. 🙂

Shan asked me this morning if I was disappointed that we wouldn’t be living in the FLC. I told her I thought it would have been a fun adventure. I asked her the same and she said she was a little as she thought it would have been a bit fun as well…. to a point. 🙂

The hope is that we will be settled into where ever by the holidays.





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